Shedding a new light on sleep apnea diagnosis

Multi-night analysis

Capture the night-to-night variability of your patients' sleep apnea

Unrivaled form factor

For the first time your patients' night will be left undisturbed

Unfiltered PPG, SpO2, sound and accelerometry

Signals carefully curated to capture more diagnostic information than meets the eye

Streaming mode for sound analysis

When connected to a smartphone, sound is recorded and automatically uploaded to the Brease cloud platform

Medical grade

Airpatch is undergoing certification as part of our medically certified diagnostic system

Expected Fall 2017


The cloud software platform that empowers Airpatch

Automated analysis by NightOwl

The proprietary NightOwl, the machine learning algorithm behind Brease, processes sleep exams in minutes

Central sleep apnea

NightOwl is the only clinical grade algorithm that detects the presence of central apneic events from such a simple sensor device

Total sleep time

NightOwl is one of the few home sleep test algorithms that provides an accurate estimate of the total sleep time

Actionable diagnostic reports

The Brease cloud dashboard gives acess to key diagnostic parameters, such as AHI category, total sleep time, and arrhythmia in an interactive report

Medical grade

NightOwl is certified as a CE class IIa medical device for the direct diagnosis of sleep apnea and it has been validated in clinical studies, benchmarked to the polysomnography

Also available standalone

Brease is compatible with the Nonin WristOx2 pulse oximeter, when coupled with an accelerometer

Beta version available now


Device delivery

Fast and practical

Airpatch is so small it can be mailed to the patient's home in a regular envelope. After performing the test, it can be mailed back or simply kept by the patient for follow-up.

Setting it up


The patient downloads the Brease app, which demonstrates how to apply the device on the finger or the forehead using the included adhesive patch.


As if it isn't there

Airpatch is so small and comfortable, the patient will hardly notice a sleep test is being performed.

Upload and diagnosis

Fully automated

Airpatch streams the data to the smartphone, which uploads it to the Brease cloud software. NightOwl automatically analyses the data and produces a comprehensive diagnostic report.

Report delivery

Within minutes

The diagnostic reports
are made available in the Brease physician dashboard the same morning.

Our pricing philosophy

We offer the most cost-effective sleep apnea diagnostic solution

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